Plum (Logical Unification Project Management) is an online Project Management service that does not require any software.

It allows you to make collaborate all the stakeholdes of a project thanks to many applications such as workflow, gantt, calendar or the task and documents manager.
Plum is simple, complete, intuitive and is based on the current Project Management methodologies. It is multi-projects, multi-users and has an unlimited storage space.

Plum is effective for any type of project and objective. It allows you to manage your projects in avoiding slippages, clearly defining roles and improving communication within your infrastructure.
Plum is now an effective way to focus on your projects and especially to maintain the cohesion of your teams.

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Plum is a full service offering all the functionalities needed to control and manage your projects.
Discover all its features from the project management to the security through the documentation.

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